2009-HouseOfZin-e13505047791682010-HouseOfZin1-e1350504494358WE’s challenge with House of Zin was to give the brand a make-over that would reduce package costs and increase shelf-presence so that the brand could compete more effectively in the crowded premium Zinfandel category.

WE developed a cost-and-pricing model for the winemaker to use when evaluating various selling options, including tiered distribution and DTC.

WE shelf-tested several visual concepts as part of the design refinement process. The final design strengthens the logotype, “de-clutters” and balances the label type treatment, and gives greater prominence to the “winemaker’s blend” number – an important component of the brand as a “family of California Zinfandels.” Bottle weight was reduced, saving costs in shipping as well as in production.