Selling direct to consumer is a lot different than selling on the store shelf.

And when you’re selling DTC, your customers are buying more than just what’s in the bottle… they’re buying you as well.

Tobe_Dylan_Sheldon-Sheldon1-smThat’s why WE think its just as important to market winemaker and winery reputations as it is to promote the wine itself.

So how do WE do it?

Simply put, WE tell stories.

WE sit down with you and learn what makes you tick. What makes you make wine the way you do. And what sets you apart from a thousand other winemakers and wineries that are vying for your customers’ attention.

Then WE write — in a style that really brings you to life, and in a voice that is tailored to resonate with your customer base.

Scott & Melanie KlannThen WE tell your story through media channels that will best convey the message to your intended audience, whether or not those channels are the “old standards” of the wine trade. (Chances are, they’re not.)

WE also provide guidance to help you bring your story to life in your tasting room, through such things as tasting room design and visual exhibits that give your facility the right persona, or training your tasting room staff to provide guests with memorable experiences that will keep them coming back.

What can WE do for you?